TurfCare Service Plans

In some situations, Ninja Lawns may choose to provide a really basic level of care we call TurfCare. This type of service is not really our ideal service for a landscape, since it only addresses the turf-grass in isolation, and we will generally discourage it.

With a TurfCare plan, our maintenance team will visit on a regular basis to service the turf areas on your property. With this service plan, we would NOT be providing regular service to the other areas of the landscape, such as planting beds & foundation plants. These areas would be only serviced when requested and would be charged our current hourly crew rate.

If we choose to provide basic service, it will include the following:

  • Pre-Service Assessment of Landscape Health
  • Careful Mowing with Sharp Blades for Optimal Turf Health
  • Careful Blade Edging around Hardscape & Bedding Areas
  • Careful & Height-Matched String Trimming
  • Blowing-off Hardscape areas of Service Debris

TurfCarePLUS Service Plans

Even when the only area we are servicing is the turfgrass, there may be a desire for weed control applications. We would call this planĀ TurfCarePLUS.

Simply take our basicĀ TurfCare plan, and add basic weed control. It is important to remember that this basic service plan does NOT include any applications other than basic weed control. Any applications such as pesticides, fungicides, fertilizers, etc. would be charged as additional services.

The PLUS is our way of saying this service plan will include the basic weed control applications package which is crafted for each property, based upon the specific weeds that are present. Some properties next door to each other will require differing treatments throughout the year.

If we choose to provide basic service, it will include the following:

  • All Services in TurfCare, Plus
  • Turf Weed Control Treatments