PlantCare Maintenance Plan

Our desire at Ninja Lawns is to provide care for the entire landscape. However, there are times when clients love to maintain the turfgrass themselves and simply need us to help with the planting beds, hedges, shrubs, roses, etc. … we get that. We offer a PlantCare plan that provides an opportunity for us to serve clients by caring for their plants (excluding the turf) throughout the year.

With our PlantCare plan, we will provide care for your bedding areas & foundation plants in your landscape, investing time to care for them… We simply would not be servicing the turf areas (no cutting the grass). Scheduled visits will allow the team to nurture & groom the plants in your landscape.

    This service plan typically includes the following:

    • Pre-Service Assessment of Landscape Health
    • Regular Maintenance of Planting Bed areas
    • Scheduled Maintenance of Shrubs & Hedges
    • Careful pruning of Small Ornamental Trees
    • Blowing-off Hardscape areas of Service Debris
    • Irrigation Adjustments (when requested)
    • Soil Testing (as needed, for planting beds)

    There are no scheduled visits with this plan to service the turfgrass areas of a landscape. We do offer limited (based on availability) servicing of the turfgrass for our PlantCare clients, when requested. If there is a desire for us to service the turfgrass occasionally (going on vacation, just need a break, etc.), that additional service could be provided at our current hourly crew rate.

    Add Healthy-Turf Treatments

    We offer Healthy-Turf treatments in customized application programs which are customized to suit the specific turfgrass and plantings on each property. We start with the basics and end up with a program that is just what the doctor ordered for your unique property.