NinjaCare Maintenance Plan

There are situations where our MasterCare service plan is not really the best choice, for the moment. It is possible, in these cases, that our NinjaCare plan could provide a great balance of professional services… while respecting your budget.  With a NinjaCare plan, your service team will provide regular professional lawn care for your property… simply with fewer bedding care activities scheduled throughout the year compared to our MasterCare plan.

With NinjaCare, turf areas will be regularly serviced with careful maintenance activities. The plantings (like foundation plants, hedges & shrubs, etc.) are scheduled to be serviced up to 4 times per year.

    This service plan typically includes the following:

    • Pre-Service Assessment of Landscape Health
    • Careful Mowing with Sharp Blades for Optimal Turf Health
    • Careful Blade Edging around Hardscape & Bedding Areas
    • Careful & Height-Matched String Trimming
    • Blowing-off Hardscape areas of Service Debris
    • Basic Maintenance of Hedges & Planting Beds

    Add Healthy-Turf Treatments

    We offer Healthy-Turf treatments in customized application programs which are customized to suit the specific turfgrass and plantings on each property. We start with the basics and end up with a program that is just what the doctor ordered for your unique property.