Turf Application Plans

If you would rather handle the regular weekly maintenance activities (like mowing the grass & trimming things up) but would like us to keep the pests under control (like weeds & insects), then a Turf Applications plan is probably just what you need.

Note: For us to provide this level of service, we require that the landscape be well maintained on a regular basis. Proper and regular maintenance of the turfgrass is a major component for healthy turf and a good weed control program. We also require schedule priority and authority to control other maintenance activities when needed. Regularly scheduled visits (included) allow a basic monitoring of the living ecosystem in the landscape your family calls home.

The Turf Applications plan is custom crafted for each property, based upon the specific needs that are present. Some properties next door to each other will require differing treatments throughout the year.

Your custom treatment plan may include the following:

  • Regular Inspection Visits Scheduled
  • Pre-Service Assessment of Landscape Health
  • Turf Fertilizer Applications
  • Turf Weed Treatments
  • Turf Pesticide Treatments (as needed)
  • Shrub Fertilizer Applications (as needed)
  • Shrub Insecticide Treatments (as needed)
  • Soil Testing (as needed)