Healthy-Turf Treatments

Professional Turf Treatments

We offer a selection of professional Healthy-Turf treatments that are designed and custom crafted to help keep the lawn pests under control (like weeds & insects) while helping to create an environment for the turfgrass to thrive. These customized professional services are available for our regular maintenance clients and folks who care for their own landscape.

Below you can see a selection of the treatments we offer.  The treatment plan for each property begins with the absolute basics. From there your treatments are custom crafted, based upon your unique landscape. Often properties next door to each other will require differing treatments. (varied turfgrass, plantings, property conditions, etc.)

Note: For us to provide application services, we require that the landscape be well maintained. Proper and regular maintenance of the turfgrass is a major component for healthy turf and a good weed control program. Regularly scheduled inspection visits can be included to allow for basic progress monitoring.

Specific Disease Treatments

Individual disease treatments to address specific issues on a property (like Fungicide applications) are offered when needed. We would be happy to help you combat specific issues with professional solutions, but we do not include these targeted disease treatments in the regular planned treatment programs.